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c-Panel User Guide
Email Tutorials
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All documents in this library are in pdf format. You must have Adobe Reader To view these PDF files [Download Adobe Reader] FREE!

cpanel tutorials Email Configuring in cPanel

Some categories may have 2 Tutorials. One tutorial is text and the other provides non-animated images for visual guidance. The same instructions are provided in both but just in two different methods.

Creating Email forwarders in cPanel [Tutorial 1] [Tutorial 2]
This feature allows a copy of any email sent to one address to be forwarded to another address.

How to use Webmail from within cPanel

How to create Email accounts in cPanel

How to create POP email accounts in cPanel
POP account is an account from which we retrieve the mails from the mail server.

Accessing your Email in cPanel
Learn how to access email in cPanel and WITHOUT logging in to cPanel

How to Configure Outlook in cPanel
Internal and external configuration instructions

MX Entry in cPanel [Tutorial 1] [Tutorial 2]
This feature allows you to route a domain's incoming mail to a specific server. Please note that changing the MX entry will result in the DNS records being changed.
Email Trace in cPanel
You can also trace an email's delivery route using this feature.

User Level Filtering in cPanel [Tutorial 1] [Tutorial 2]
cPanel lets you manage filters for each email account in your domain.

Spam Assassin in cPanel [Tutorial 1] [Tutorial 2]
Using SpamAssassin and cPanel, it is reasonable easy to kill off all mails SpamAssassin considers as spam, based on a threshold you set. SpamAssassin was awarded the Linux New Media Award 2006 as the "Best Linux-based Anti-spam Solution"

Auto Responders in cPanel [Tutorial 1] [Tutorial 2]
"Auto Responder" is simply that. An automated email reply that is generated when a specific email address receives an inquiry/email.

Default Address in cPanel [Tutorial 1] [Tutorial 2]
A "catchall" for email address for your domain

Mailing Lists in cPanel
Learn how to create, edit and modify your Mailing List

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