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c-Panel User Guide for Domain Name Management

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Managing Your Domain Name in cPanel

Some categories may have 2 Tutorials. One tutorial is text and the other provides static images for visual guidance. The same instructions are provided in both but just in two different visual formats.

how to create and addon domain in cpanel tutorial How to addon a Domain Name in cPanel [Tutorial 1] [Tutorial 2]
Description/Purpose: The Addon domains feature allows you run serveral websites from a single account.

How to add a parked domain in cPanel How to add a Parked Domain in cPanel [Tutorial 1] [Tutorial 2]
Description/Purpose: Parked domains are domains that you own that do not contain any content. Parked domains do not have any email address or web pages associated with them.

How to setup a Domain Redirect in cPanel [Tutorial 1] [Tutorial 2]
Description/Purpose: Domain redirection) URL redirection, also called URL forwarding and the very similar technique domain redirection also called domain forwarding, are techniques on the World Wide Web for making a web page available under many URLs.

How to add a Subdomain in cPanel [Tutorial 1] [Tutorial 2]
Description/Purpose: In the Domain Name System (DNS) hierarchy, a *subdomain is a domain that is part of a larger domain. example: *

How to add a Simple DNS Zone Editor in cPanel
Description/Purpose: DNS is the component of the Internet which converts human-readable domain names (such as into computer-readable IP addresses (such as It does this according to DNS zone files that reside on your server and tie domain names to IP addresses.

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